Intelligent Transport Systems


ITS for urban passenger transport consists of a wide range of systems including:

  • Operations management systems and Control Centres
  • Traffic Signal Priority
  • Fare Collection Systems
  • Real-Time Traveller Information systems and journey planners
  • Demand Responsive Transport support systems
  • Driving and driver support systems
  • Driver and vehicle monitoring systems
  • Safety and security systems
  • Planning and resource management tools

On-Board Equipment

  • On-Board Computers
    • 5G Open Source Platform
    • Wireless Routers
    • On-Board PC with Driver Monitor
  • Video Surveillance System
    • IP & AHD Cameras
    • MDVR
    • Driver Monitor
    • ADAS & DMS
    • BSIS and MOIS 
  • Passenger Counting System
    • Counting Sensors AI
  • Passenger Information System
    • Destination Signs (IBIS, ITxPT)
    • TFT LED displays