Passenger Counting System



NaviFleet Application
  • Monitoring 
  • Passenger statistics and reports
  • On-line Video control
Passenger Counting Sensor
  • High accuracy range - 98% 
  • 3D counting
  • Counting and surveillance 
Wireless Router
  • 4G/LTE & WiFi cellular router
  • GNSS positioning with geofencing
  • RS232/RS485 interfaces


SC8132 is a smart device combining the functionalities of a counting sensor and a surveillance camera. Embedded with a dual-lens and 3D Depth technology, it provides average accuracy of as high as 98%, as an onboard Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) system. High quality video delivered at 30 fps provides an operator with situational awareness of the door area, while preserving video evidence for incident tracking and accuracy verification. 
The SC8132 was designed specifically for deployments onboard vehicles, it features ruggedized casing, M12 connector, and a wide range of transport safety certifications. The camera comes with the choice of mounting kits allowing for installation in various environments, either in flat or tilted position, at a minimal height of 1.9 meters.

Comprehensive passenger flow data collected by the SC8132 units proves invaluable when optimizing mass transit routes and schedules. 


Integration with Passenger Information System
  • Remote LED Destination Display configuration
  • Remote system diagnostics

Integration with ticketing system
  • Comparing passenger flow and tickets sold
  • Video clips storage for future control
  • Ticket / passenger flow statistics in route/trip/bus stop

Integration with Wi-Fi collector 
  • Software inside of wireless router
  • Origin-destination matrix based on mobile device presence
  • Respecting GDPR: No privacy related data collected

Integration with video surveillance system
  • Connection to IP cameras through wireless router
  • Remote video download
  • On-line video