Passenger Information System

Passenger Information System


Destination Displays

Destination displays are energy-efficient, easy to operate and maintain, and have a long service life. Designed and manufactured to operate reliably and continuously, our displays have proven durability in a wide variety of weather and climatic conditions. Withstanding vibrations and impacts during mobile use, our displays are easy to read – even from a far distance and available in a variety of colors. Easily installed in a variety of vehicle types, we also offer compact solutions for confined spaces.


Next Stop Displays

Next stop displays are built upon the most advanced and high-quality LED technology. Displays can be controlled via the on-board computer, a control unit or a built-in Box PC. Whichever design is right for you - our interior displays are easy to read from a distance, extremely durable, energy-efficient and maintenance-free. 

NSI can do everything that LTG’s large LED destination displays can do – and in the tightest spaces. Highly efficient SMD LEDs ensure a high light output and excellent readability at a low power consumption. That saves fuel and lowers operating costs.

Infotainment System

Infotainment systems provide informational and promotional content to millions of people worldwide. And there’s a good reason for that - at Luminator, we know how much our customers value energy-savings and operational efficiency. That’s why our solutions combine durability, the best possible functionality and the greatest possible efficiency. With a variety of enclosures and connection combinations – we can satisfy a variety of applications.

No matter how complex or specific your requirements are, we can combine the most up-to-date passenger information and on-board video solutions, and their associated interfaces and data formats – and turn it all into user-friendly, reliable applications.