Passenger Information System

Information systems for buses

On-board  information displays for public transport

After anticipating the needs of the public transport market, creating the first LED displays to indicate bus line and destination, Aesys continues to innovate by expanding its technological solutions, providing a flexible solution to the dynamics of urban mobility by offering a complete set of information systems to passengers on board/ground of the latest generation.

Bus LED destination sign

Give passengers information in real time

The LED displays of the new Minerva series have an unparalleled visual impact. The use of ultra-bright SMT Leds with wide readability, automatic adjustment of the brightness with respect to environmental conditions, make the devices legible at night and in any weather condition. The high reliability of the displays, resulting in a minimum reduction in ordinary maintenance costs, make Aesys route indicators the best solution for use in bus fleets.

Minerva series

SMT technology for bus displays

The Minerva indicators have been designed to provide high performance but with low weight and low energy consumption to better integrate into modern public transport systems. Available in LED, amber and full-color versions with a wide selection in terms of resolutions and dimensions to better adapt to different needs.

  • Excellent readability

The automatic brightness control and the container equipped with sun visors ensure excellent readability and a high contrast in all light conditions. Moreover, through the use of wide-angle readability LEDs, the information can be read easily from any angle.

  • Green Approach

Low energy consumption and low weight allow the operator to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions. Compared to indicators with through-hole technology, Minerva is 50% more efficient and better matches the needs of alternative-type vehicles.

  • Maintenance free

The high quality of the components and the use of modern architectures make the device free from ordinary preventive maintenance significantly lengthening the life cycle.

On-board audiovisual system

To provide directions and upcoming bus stops

The next stop audiovisual system provides passengers on board buses with correct and complete information on the position of the vehicle along the route, in audiovisual format.

The system consists of a display device that can be a LED indicator of different types or a multimedia device, and a vocalization unit connected to a series of internal and external loudspeakers to vocalize announcements even in different languages. The volume is adjustable based on the ambient noise.

The informative orientation during the trip allows a considerable comfort especially for disabled or not proper informed user on the bus route (eg blind, visually impaired, tourists, foreigners); allows users to travel with greater confidence and transport companies to improve the quality of the service provided.

Line and destination announcement

Real-time destination information

The line and destination voice announcement is an information system for bus stop users who are waiting to get on board.

The electronic system is installed on the vehicle to complete the system consisting of line indicators and VerbaBUS® destination.

When the vehicle reaches the stop, after opening the doors, special loudspeakers installed on board the buses communicate an automatic voice announcement to the user. The transmitted message, of the type "bus line 10 with airport destination", can be repeated several times, with definable intervals, for as long as the ascent doors remain open, even in different languages.

The line and destination voice announcement is particularly appreciated by blind and visually impaired people, elderlies and tourists, who find their information needs satisfied, feel assisted and encouraged to use the public service. For this reason, the use of a voice announcement system significantly improves the quality of the service offered.

Multimedia passenger information system

LCD-TFT monitor to inform passengers on board

The on-board multimedia system is the solution entirely designed and built by Aesys to provide users on board buses with real-time indications on the route, on the public service, or advertising information, through the latest generation LCD-TFT color monitors.

Movies, audio-visual animations or images in cycle between them will be displayed smoothly and smoothly on high-resolution TFT monitors, which allow for greater brightness and clarity than traditional LCDs, excellent legibility and visibility from all bus positions .

The information of an on-board multimedia system, thanks to the possibility of being supplied also in a sonorous and multilingual way, is particularly appreciated by disabled people (eg blind, visually impaired) and by poorly informed people on the journey of the vehicle (eg tourists) . If for passengers the on-board multimedia system means travel comfort and satisfaction, for the local public transport company the choice to make use of this information platform means raising the quality of the service offered and improving the corporate image.