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NaviFleet APC software from EcoTelematics Group and P3 passenger counting sensor from Streamax bring modern and cost effective Automatic Passenger Counting System for Public Transport Authorities.

Our Automatic Passenger Counting is a highly innovative technology that provides information about passengers boarding or alighting public transit vehicles. Data from automatic passenger counting systems are crucial for developing transport concepts for the cities of tomorrow.  Our Passenger Counting Platform is a solution, which significantly helps reduce expenses, increase passenger safety, and optimize fleet operation.

Public Transport Authorities Benefits

  • Real-time data of passenger occupancy
  • Improves timetables and network plans 
  • Flexible adjustment of vehicle capacity
  • Increases profitability and efficiency 
  • Optimizes the use of fleet resources 
  • Controlled payment systems and ticketing

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Automatic Passenger Counting System Components

  • COUNTING SENSOR. Streamax P3 Passenger Counting sensor for collecting the data with 99% accuracy 
  • WIRELESS GATEWAY. Teltonika RUT955 with NaviFleet Firmware which stores the counting data, processes it and transmits it to NaviFleet Software
  •  NAVIFLEET APC SOFTWARE. NaviFleet Software allow transport dispatchers monitoring and controlling Passenger Data. Reporting System create various statistics about passenger flow. Third parties solutions can be integrated through API interface.

EcoTelematics Group Oy and Streamax Partnership benefits for partners and customers

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About EcoTelematics Group Oy

EcoTelematics Group Oy is a Finnish enterprise that specializes in the development and integration of solutions for the Passenger Transport Industry. The company’s focus is to create innovative projects for cost-saving and operational efficiency in public transportation.

About Streamax Technology Co., Ltd.

Streamax is an AI-powered safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles. Company mission to create a safer, more efficient modern traffic experience from persistent technological innovation. Streamax currently has over 2200 employees, 6 R&D centers,3 factories, 24 subsidiaries, and numerous offices worldwide, committed to further localize our businesses and services.

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