08 Jun

The number of passengers is the most important number for Transport Operators and Authorities.

Counting sensors count reliably with an accuracy of up to 99% all people boarding. You can view statistical data in all dimensions(Adults / Children / Bicycles / Strollers / Wheelchairs ) and OD (Origin-Destination) matching of passenger features and fastchecking of OD matching results.

Count all boarding options

Count OD (Origin-Destination) using AI

Our APC with AI dynamically tracks and captures passengers, then calculates passengers’ boarding and alighting features. These captured images and features are uploaded to the APC platform, where the system matches them based on human characteristics such as hairstyle, clothing color, boarding and alighting postures, clothing style, accessories, backpacks, luggage, and so on. 

Finally, the APC platform determines the time and location at which the passenger boarded and alighted. Currently, APC Sensor can calculate passenger features within 1 second after boarding or alighting, and the APC platform completes OD matching within 15 minutes after passengers alight. 

Project experience: We collected data from 9 vehicles over a week, matching over 10,000 individuals, matching accuracy achieving 93%.Our OD functionality ensures stable accuracy and efficient matching results. Our solution can assist customers in better responding toirregular travel requirements and promptly evaluating the effectiveness of operational adjustments.

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